%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeBehind="ThirteenLevels.aspx.vb" Inherits="GhostLake.ThirteenLevels" %> Canfield Scaregrounds Haunted House And Hayride
Two hours to get through it all. Largest Halloween attraction in the world.

Creatures at the front gate who are not here to entertain you while you buy your tickets, they're here to scare you away from the remaining 12 levels of fear, Only the bravest move on.

These clowns will make you laugh, then they'll make you cry, then they'll make you run like hell to get away.

True fear awaits you as the dead comes to life and tries to keep you from escaping.

Upstairs is the last place you should go to escape the terror, and it only gets worse when you climb the stairs of this horror house.

Twice as long as ever before, ten times as scary. The truly haunted hotel Conneaut.

You will meet the true scarecrows of hell as you attempt to make it through this frightening corn maze.

Just for a few hours each night all crime is legal including murder. Can you survive the massive 3 floors of mayhem that awaits you.

Filled with illusions in 3D which puts them right in your face. Click here to view the video.

A mind bending walk thru a fog filled nightmare where your senses are pushed to their very limits. And Then the lights go out and you're in complete darkness.

This level attacks every fear you were born with.

Try to find your way through the claustrophobia. Feel your way through the curtains of confusion, and try, if you dare, to make it through a mind-blowing black vortex.

The Ride

Absolutely the wickedest wooden roller coaster on earth. In the dark no less.