Two hours to get through it all. Largest Halloween attraction in the world.

The beginning of your fateful journey of the 13 Levels of Fear. Will this be the beginning of your fun-filled journey through Ghost Lake. Or will this be your dead end?

This house with 13 rooms is filled with true terror around every corner. A dilapidated old house from your worst nightmares. If you make it through the 13 rooms you may feel compelled to kneel down and kiss the ground.

The most incredible 3D paint ever put on walls. Blacklights immerse you in semi darkness. Creatures are everywhere and the 3D actually comes to life right before your eyes. There are actually 3 parts to this amazing scare. #1. Freaks of Nature #2. 3D Funhouse of Fear #3. 3D Maze of Madness. A sight and sound thrill spectacular.

Imagine it and it will appear in the Demon House. Electric torture, a bodyless head that talks to you. The crazy clown car. The slam window, chainsaws, gorillas, foam and so much more. the Demon House is a true gauntlet of terror and the ending will leave you breathless.

Imagine 50 full color lasers being shrouded in fog. With a sound system that will wake the devil below. This is the Purple Haze. A sight and sound spectacular meant to completely destroy your sanity. Yet when it's over you will want to get back in line and do it over again.

Demented headmaster Van has run a muck. What could turn normal girls and boys into these creatures that want you to come in, but to never leave. Small pretty faces transformed into a grotesque collection disfigured dolls with nothing but evil intent on their minds.

Inspired by the Jeepers Creepers horror series, these scarecrows are out for blood in this A-MAZ-ING cornfield. They jump out of everywhere and nowhere. Every 27 years they get to eat and as luck would have it, it has been 27 years since they last terrorized Conneaut Lake Park.

The truly haunted Hotel Conneaut is scarier than ever before.

This house is a nightmare that never ends. Twenty creatures inside this one attraction make for a scare around every corner. It will confuse you. It will stun you. It will leave you incapacitated from fear. Fear is Truly here inside the Panic House.

Feel your way through this former funeral home. Skin with clumps of strange hair is growing all over the walls . It smells like death everywhere. You will not be able to stand the horror. Seriously, you will beg to be let out. But nobody can hear you over the screams of the dead.

Collected from fields and roadsides all over Pennsylvania and Ohio...They're harmless until you make contact with one of them. Then all hell breaks loose! Just don't look directly in their eyes and they won't hurt you with the chainsaws they carry. But one look and it's all over.

The ride straight out of hell.

Absolutely the wickedest wooden roller coaster on earth. In the dark no less.