Two hours to get through it all. Largest Halloween attraction in the world.

The Zoo

In the 1960’s, families were treated to a Jungle Cruise ride around an island filled with animals, dense trees, and…cannibals. Yes, this was a family ride. Nearly 50 years later, the area is unrecognizable. The water that was once an extension of beautiful Conneaut Lake is now a swamp. The only access to the island is an old, wooden bridge through the darkest part of the woods. If you make it across, you may regret it as you won’t be alone. No one knows what has been living in the old zoo enclosures. But bones have been piling up and the local wildlife has been steadily disappearing. No one will even hear your screams since most locals don’t even remember the zoo. Whatever lives in the zoo is bigger than anything known to live in the whole state. And they’re hungry…


At Ghost Lake, you have experienced claustrophobia, dense fog, areas of pitch darkness. But you have never been tested like this. The entrance will be easy to find. Soon you’ll be praying for a way out. Things aren’t what they seem in this heart- pounding, panic-inducing test of courage. Just when you think you see light, the exit up ahead, you begin to take a much needed breath…then you realize… you’re trapped. Another soul claimed by Oblivion.

Death Row

"Step into the mind of a serial killer"

Visiting hours are open and your name is on the list. The people you are about to see are not armed robbers or even drug dealers. You are about to stand face to face with a bloodthirsty killer, actually many bloodthirsty killers. Somewhere, deep in the bowels of the prison lies a real, live cannibal. This level of fear is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s close quarters here at Death Row, and the inmates are just itching to break out. Although we’ve hired the best prison guards in the state, will they be man enough to protect you from pure evil? We’re about to find out!

Forget Me Not Antiques

"If you survive your visit, you'll never forget it"

This seemingly quaint antique shop is nestled on the midway at Ghost Lake. But don’t be fooled. Aunt Bertha’s old china set isn’t your normal set of dishes. And those china dolls are here for a reason. You see, sometimes evil finds a home in our everyday items. The old shopkeeper, just like Lorraine and Ed Warren, has made it his duty to guard these antiques and to lock the spirits they contain away from the general public...hopefully. Browse the book shelves, peer into the dusty cases, but be warned...if the damned like what they see, you may leave with a lot more than you bargained for!

Deja Vu

"History is always doomed to repeat itself"

1-2, Freddy’s coming for you (again.) And he’s not alone. He’s bringing his band of baddies to stalk your every move. There’s nothing like the chill that runs up your spine when you sense something is behind you. Try not to trip and fall because these monsters don’t move in slow motion.


Arachnophobia—Abnormal or pathological fear of spiders.

Ophidiophobia—Fear of snakes. Pupaphobia—Fear of puppets and ventriloquist dummies. Claustrophobia—Fear of confined spaces. There are literally thousands of phobias. You will be challenged at Ghost Lake to face your fears. Other levels may have one or two, but Phobia has them all! This is the true test of courage. Are you afraid of snakes? Come and touch a live one! Spiders? Don’t worry, they won’t bite....much. And if you lose the friends you came with, don’t worry. Your new friends in Phobia will keep you company. Forever!! Enjoy. I know we will.

Scaryland Forest

"Not your typical walk through the woods"

Most people are fans of Disney and the fantastical world of animated fairytales. But Once upon a time, fairytales did not feature fluffy bunnies and friendly dwarves. Instead, these stories were dark tales of evil witches, murderous wolves, and gruesome acts of torture. Scaryland Forest brings you through the dark side of the woods. You’ll see fairytales the way the Brothers Grimm intended. Do not attempt to pet anything with fur. Do not attempt to feed ANYTHING. They may try to feed on you. We’ve attempted to make the path as safe as possible. Enter at your own risk. And do not leave small children unattended. You have been warned.

Terror Down Under II

"Going down?"

This is a level that refuses to die. It used to lurk below the Beach Club. This season it will haunt the basement of the hotel. And it’s back with a vengeance! The darkness has spread deeper. The tunnels are longer. And there is a huge surprise in store for those who enter. The added bonus: the hotel is still actually haunted. Can you escape the Terror Down Under II? We can’t wait to see you try!!

The Ice

"We'll chill you to the bone"

You may have travelled to see The may have come through Purple Haze...but nothing can prepare you for The Ice. If you’re brave enough, you’ll have to face chilling temperatures, low visibility, treacherous obstacles, and the beasts that dwell within. Frozen with fear, your muscles will stiffen, your heartbeat will slow, breathing will become labored, and your legs will feel like lead. Our advice: DO NOT STOP! or your first visit will be your last!

Dark Circus and Sideshow

"It's scary what a smile can hide"

Freak shows and clowns have been around for centuries. Where there was a king, there was a jester to entertain him (in fact, his life depended on it). People are drawn to the strange and unusual, paying to see the smallest woman on earth or the “real” wolfman. The twisted folks at Ghost Lake thought it was high time to bring you some strange and unusual with a huge dose of Clowns! No longer will you see clowns with chainsaws out in the open. They are not the onlyfreaks you will see in this level of fear, either. It’s time to face your fears, enter the Dark Circus, and tempt your fate! There’s just something creepy about the circus, isn’t there? Step right up and see if you can survive ours.

The Bayou

"Evil deeds... done dirt cheap"

It’s a place where the veil between life and death is almost nonexistent. The smell of the swamp will invade your nostrils, and the eerie presence of the Shadows lay heavily behind you...well those of ya’ll dumb ‘nuff to try your luck in the house that voodoo built. Those pricks ya’ll feel on your skin may just be comin’ from a pin in that shack buried deep in the woods. Those old witches thought they’s powerful ‘nuff to handle bringing Lady Acacia about. Now they bide their time under her spell. Won’t you join us? Your magical trip through the Bayou will be unforgettable. Believe it.

Krampus's Lair - Escape Room


Can you escape before he comes for you? Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to complete all puzzles, find all items and clues, and escape Krampus’s Lair before the Yuletide beast comes back to collect you. The sights and smells of Christmas will surround you, but in a way you never expected. When you hear the jingling of bells or hooves on the roof, the clock has almost run out. This is one game you’ll be dying to win, especially if you lose. Grab your team of up to 5 players, bring your Christmas spirit, and kiss your sugarplums that you survive the night. Because whatever Krampus has in store for you will definitely put a damper on your holiday plans.

Devil's Den

The ride straight out of hell.

Blue Streak

Absolutely the wickedest wooden roller coaster on earth. In the dark no less.

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